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Make Your Website ‘Mobile-Friendly’

There’s no going back! Google have recently changed their algorithm for how it ranks and lists websites that are not suitable for viewing on mobile devices, for example an iPhone or iPad.

Google refer to this as ‘mobile-friendly’, which can be defined by a number of technical and design characteristics of which some are listed below:

  • Text legibility (size and weight) on the screen – adapting to different size screens (adding break points)
  • Mobile viewport not set which optimises content to the specific device
  • How close links are placed to one another makes it difficult for touch enabled devices
  • Content or layout too wide for the screen (lack of responsive tumbling)
  • Software/coding blocked by mobile browsers (such as Flash on Apple’s iOS devices)
  • Easy to navigate by using touch-enabled features for touch screens
  • Enable maximum scrolling to avoid content expanding past browser windows
  • Avoiding common SEO mistakes to ensure Google index your site efficiently


why are brochures important

The Importance Of Brochure Printing As A Marketing Tool

Brochures form an integral part of the traditional printed marketing collateral, despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives. A well-designed brochure is very much a collectable item, not only for its captivating visual effects, but for the loads of product-specific information featured in it.



Production Is Expanding At Studio One

Studio One are pleased to announce the purchase of a second Vutek GS wide-format UV-curable printer this year. This machine will aid us to improve on great customer service and reduce further lead times for jobs. With emphasis from our clients on quality and speed we had little difficulty choosing the right partner in EFI Vutek to support us with this purchase.

In having two identical machines powered by the Fiery XF rip we should enjoy matching outputs, allowing large jobs to be completed across both machines when time is of the essence.


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