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Understanding Digital – Part 1 of 2: How Do We Create A Digital Strategy?

Posted 23 July 2015

In this two-part series, we’re sharing our best practice on Digital Strategy.

What is a Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy is a in-depth plan for managing customer-facing digital marketing, social platforms and digital applications. Most successful companies will take on a multi-platform approach to achieve their digital goals. Usually, the aim of a Digital Strategy is to convert the exposure into sales by successfully gaining trust, showing expertise and ultimately gaining new clients.

How do we achieve it?

Here at Studio One, our initial insight is important and shows just how expansive and important a Digital Strategy can become. Below outlines some of the steps we take in the process that we take our clients through.

Step 1

We do a comprehensive analysis of your business, business model, overall marketing strategy and your existing digital platforms. This includes your website, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and e-marketing campaigns.

Step 2

With your help we define short and long term goals and uncover approach necessary to achieve them. At this time we start compiling a list of changes to make and new ideas for consideration.

Step 3

The next step is to determine opportunities and challenges where digital assets can provide a better solution. This usually starts by assessing your customers unmet needs and processes that need improvement.

Step 4

Integration of digital platforms is crucial for the success of your Digital Strategy. We make sure that your Digital Strategy takes into account the best ways to do this in every category – data management, CRM, public relations, social media, corporate communication and the list goes on.

Step 5

Implementation – we provide a array of services from design to consultancy for implementation of all digital considerations. By providing our dedicated, knowledgeable team and strategic oversight we make sure the client has the best experience possible from the first meeting to project completion.

Step 6

Ongoing analytics and improvement takes place on a monthly basis. We provide monthly search engine optimisation reviews and we make sure that you know exactly what is the return on investment for your digital efforts. This helps us improve your Digital Strategy and evolve your online presence with the ever changing times.

If you think Studio One can help you with your Digital Strategy, then contact us today to discuss it.

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