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Email Marketing Tips To Get Your Campaigns Rocketing

Posted 5 June 2015

If you think email marketing is dead, it maybe that you’re just not shooting straight. Try putting these tips into practice.

The days of blasting your company information at a list of people you don’t know have long gone, but email can still be a valuable marketing channel. Here’s our list of top tips for making sure your email marketing is worth the investment.

Build relationships

You need good data. It sounds obvious, but we often see clients relying on a dusty old database or even a mailing list they bought from somebody else. The people on a purchased or rented list don’t know you, so it’s crucial to generate your own opt-in list. When someone voluntarily gives you their email address, either online or perhaps with a business card, they believe you may have something interesting to say.

Make it relevant

Either segment your data or make sure the content is relevant to the audience as a whole. If your recipient list is a fairly broad demographic, your content needs to have a broad appeal; don’t send a news story to a database of 1,000 people if it’s likely to be of interest to only a small section of those individuals.

Consider the design

The key to successful email design is to keep it simple. A single column layout will help you avoid too many compatibility issues with different email clients. Do try to keep it light on images. Whilst they may catch the eye, images can be slow to load. Also, many email applications don’t display images by default, which means the copy needs to work that much harder.

Create engaging content

One of the most common mistakes people make is overloading the email with too much content. The truth is, people just won’t read it. We’re all too busy and your email might be one of many hundreds of others. The key to engaging with your audience is to keep it short and sweet. Your headlines are important, so explain clearly what you mean. Keep your articles brief and link out to the web where your landing page can provide more information.

Demonstrate your expertise

Your messaging needs to be well thought-out if it’s going to grab the reader’s attention. On the one hand you don’t want to sell too hard, but the aim is to position yourself as the expert in the minds of your audience. Tell them something of value, give them some news they might find interesting, useful or shareable.

Optimise for mobile

A recent report on email marketing suggests that 61% of email is read on a mobile device. This has some important implications for marketers, so make sure your email responds well on mobile devices. Most people who use a smartphone will be checking their email on the move, if it doesn’t display well you’ll get deleted.

Track the metrics

Any decent email marketing service will generate a report showing who’s opened your email and where they clicked, so don’t ignore the basic metrics. Always monitor the open rate, track the click-through rate and review your content to see what works best.

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