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First Impressions Count: Office Fitout

Posted 8 July 2015

Its not just your website that needs a refresh once in a while. We are being asked by increasing number clients to not only look at their online presence but also there office space, showrooms, break out areas, vehicle livery and much much more.

If you regularly have visitors or clients come to your workspace it is useful to know that people quickly make their minds up about a company based on its reception and office design. They will pick up on any discrepancies between how a business portrays itself and how it reflects this in its office design. It is therefore essential to create the right impression with your workspace, It needs to make an immediate impact and convey the correct messages.

How is it achieved?

Fortunately there are an endless number of ways to achieve this. There are temporary solutions for specific branding of events as well more permanent solutions which include digital wallpaper, external and internal signage, floor graphics, vinyl lettering, glass manifestation, built up and stand off lettering, acrylic and glass prints, canvas blocks, way finding and directional signage as well as integrating digital technology with the use of iPads or other android devices to which can display visitor sign in apps, staff time keeping apps, presentation showreels etc.

If your space needs a refresh, contact us to discuss how we can help you to transform it!

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