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Homecore’s dynamic interior store design using simple materials

What create’s a lasting store experience these days? A huge budget, expensive technology? For Homecore, one of France’s oldest streetwear brands, its popup shop situated on the Champs-Elysées in Paris only took an idea and some floor and wall graphics.

interior store design

interior store design

A nod to Graffiti Art

Studio Malka Architecture were the brains behind the store design and they created a space that combines a brightly hued colour palette inspired by Krylon’s spray paint can and a reference to Newton’s prism. The pop-up is structured by pure, bright solid blocks of colour from the colour wheel to create high-impact visual effects. These colours therefore give the space its structure, just like the choice of materials would.

interior store design

Reference to Newtonian physics

Each of the seven exterior window and door arches were treated with a separate colour from the prism. Once the primary colours of ‘light’ extends into the retail space and crossed one another it creates secondary hues – adding a technical element and a sense of dynamism to the interior.

interior store design

Creative applications

The key takeaway from this reveals that you can create eye-catching store interiors using very little more than printed vinyls and creative applications. However, what elevates this pop up is the context of the idea and it’s nod to the brand’s streetwear culture.

interior store design

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