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The future of workplace design

Over the past year, remote working has become the new norm and has massively transformed the way we work. We are no longer limited to a desk and the 9-5 workday is a lot more flexible.

workplace design

Flexibility and resilience

After spending many months at home during the pandemic, people’s expectations of their workplaces have dramatically changed – desiring a different and better experience than the one they left.

Swedish music streaming giant, Spotify, has plans to mimic domestic workplaces to improve the cosiness within its offices. They are also introducing a “work from anywhere” policy which will allow employees to work from home, from the office or a combination of both.

workplace design

Change of scenery

Spotify has included more home-like spaces within its offices to give employees more freedom in their daily routine. Home-working has given people the space to ‘zone out’ and escape the noise so they can focus on the task in hand. To tackle this, the designers behind Spotify’s London office, TP Bennett, have used fabrics and soft furnishings to help improve acoustics. They have also introduced cosy “snug” areas and booths to provide quiet and private workspaces.

workplace design

workplace design

A feeling of home

The aim for Spotify, and ultimately every workplace, is to make the office an equitable space where people can feel a strong sense of belonging.

To see how we created and installed bespoke wall coverings for global technology leader Adobe, also with the aim of creating a sense of home in the work environment, read our Adobe case study.

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