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The joy of shopping, perfectly illustrated

Working in partnership with The Crown Estate and London agency Wordsearch, we delivered a branded space full of energy, colour and craft to enhance shoppers’ retail experience at Fosse Park, Leicester.

Fosse Park window graphics

Creating a desirable destination

Fosse Park Shopping Centre offers customers in Leicester access to a wide range of retail and lifestyle attractions that rival and exceed any regional competition, with a focus on hosting local, independent occupiers. Connecting all the different areas with the use of eye-catching, branded spaces helps to enhance the shopping experience and encourage revisits. So when units became available to re-let at Fosse Park, The Crown Estate maximised the empty facades with the addition of stunning window graphics designed by London creative property agency Wordsearch and managed throughout survey, print production and installation by Studio One.

Fosse Park window graphics

From empty units to promotional canvasses

Empty retail units can stand out for all the wrong reasons. In fact, while units are in the process of being refurbished or re-let, their empty window fronts present the perfect giant canvas to add vibrant designs and directional messaging, reinforcing brand engagement and saliency with customers. This is exactly what The Crown Estate has achieved at Fosse Park, Leicester.

Fosse Park Window Graphics

Complete brand reassurance

Our seamless, end-to-end approach saw us manage the whole project life-cycle from survey to installation, benefiting both The Crown Estate and creative agency Wordsearch with a totally frictionless experience and complete brand reassurance, without any need for them to go on site during the project.

Fosse Park window graphics

A public space to enjoy and inform

The campaign’s creative brief was to achieve a balance of fashion and lifestyle with food and beverage designs in equal measure, visually presenting key directions to help customers navigate around everything on offer across the different areas at Food Central, Fosse Park West, North and South.

Fosse Park window graphics

Brand saliency increases sales

Creating a positive brand engagement and sense of enjoyment heightens the shopping experience and maximises time spent at the destination, increasing the customer value as well as potential revisits. Carefully considered positioning of calls to action and  wayfinding graphics ensures visitors know exactly what there is on offer.

Fosse Park window graphics

Fosse Park window graphics

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