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Brand new development? Brand it with printed hoarding!

Posted 5 February 2016

How printed hoarding panels can really help sell your building development – before it’s even built. 

So, you’re building a new development and need a perimeter fence. You could erect plain boards. That’s fair enough, it does the job. But could you be fencing off potential sales interest?

Many developers are now seeing the benefit of cladding these rather unsightly fences with printed hoarding panels. After all, they not only give the site an altogether more professional presence but they help spark added curiosity and interest among passers-by. And that’s before the development is ready to market. It’s not surprising that printed hoarding panels are one the most effective forms of high impact outdoor advertising around.

Your cladding options 


The fences, typically 2.44 metres in height, lend themselves to being clad with 1220 x 2440mm printed ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) panels. These are often referred to by the brand name Dibond.

For best results the panels are often printed with UV cured inks direct to the ACM before being given an anti-graffiti laminate for added protection. The printed hoarding panels can then have capping fitted at the top and bottom, in the same printed material, to hide any rises and falls.


The other option is printed vinyl, this is typically used on temporary type of hoarding wall composed of interlocking PVC panels. These panels are often re used. Therefore to avoid damage to the panels from drilling, printed self-adhesive removable vinyl is applied, with a laminate layer to help protect the prints. The prints are applied in drops like wallpaper and just like the ACM panels give the fence a smart and vibrant look.

Full service… from site survey through to design, print and installation

At Studio One our team of experts are on hand to help meet all of your specific printed hoarding requirements and advise you on every step of the process – from start to finish.

1) Site survey: Check measurements and establish if there are any issues with the site.

2) Design: Our design team can then work with you and your brand to achieve the right look and feel.

3) Print production: We can create production files for our print department to produce the printed hoarding panels.

4) Installation: Our fully qualified fitting team will then take the finished panels, attend your site and ensure they are fitted correctly for the highest quality results

Maximise your development’s marketing potential 

If you’re interested in printed hoarding panels to help promote your development to its maximum potential, please feel free to give us a call on 01604 774860.

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