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Floor Graphics

Upbeat about being downtrodden

Vibrant floor graphics transform any floor space, interior
or exterior, with solutions available for both short-term
promotions and permanent applications.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics are an ideal promotion or signage tool for both indoors and outside. Outdoor floor stickers and pavement graphics fix even to difficult surfaces with a protective laminate to help withstand heavy footfall. Ideal for events and promotions, as well as conveying safety messages.

Floor coverings

Printed vinyl floor coverings add striking graphics on entire floor areas, suitable for short-term events and promotions as well as long-term commercial and retail settings.

Floor Graphics

Product overview

  • Floor decals
  • Floor murals
  • Floor vinyls
  • Printed carpets
  • Printed linoleum
  • G-Floor graphics
  • StreetRap®
  • Escalator vinyl wrap
  • Elevator flooring
  • Promotional floor graphics
  • Wayfinding floor graphics
  • Steps vinyl wrap
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Anti-fatigue flooring
  • Distancing floor graphics

Features & Benefits

A canvas engineered to last

   Creative surface spaces

Activate the 360º branding potential of
any environment using high-impact floor graphics, full colour printed with striking promotions and designs to grab attention underfoot. There is absolutely no limit to creativity.

   Wayfinding at events

At busy events with information overload
on all the senses, guarantee maximum stand out from the noise by adding navigational messages and branded signposting to floor spaces.

   Promotional & long-term solutions

Floor graphics create instant impact. Quick to install, with many different applications, they are ideal for fast-changing, promotional campaigns as much as long-term permanent brand messages.

   Wellbeing of staff

Specialist flooring applications help ease
the strain and aid the wellbeing of staff who spend a lengthy amount of time on their feet resulting in weariness or even long-term health implications.

   Internal & external applications

With a comprehensive range of different solutions available, floor graphics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor floor graphics are more durable with a higher R rating to prevent slippage in wet conditions.

   Long lasting appeal

Branding in fast-moving, active spaces requires hard-wearing floor graphics, built to withstand the continual daily heavy footfall of visitors without losing any visual quality
or impact.

Floor graphics key sectors

What’s the benefit of floor graphics in the
retail developments sector?

Maximise visual brand impact in-store by using wayfinding or promotional messaging on durable floor graphics, designed specifically to cope with high levels of footfall in retail settings.

What’s the benefit of floor graphics in the
sporting venues sector?

Vast floor and stair spaces in stadia and sports arenas that are directly in the line of sight create
the ideal large-scale platform to rapidly inform
and engage with visitors navigating their way around the building.

What’s the benefit of floor graphics in the hospitality and leisure sector?

Customising entire floor coverings in hospitality
or leisure venue spaces is an extremely powerful
way to bring a brand or marketing promotion to life. Adding inspirational imagery also helps to motivate and inspire visitors.

What’s the benefit of floor graphics in the construction and commercial sector?

Best practice health and safety, directional
signage or work zoning in commercial environments can be achieved with the addition of printed floor graphics. Alternatively, branded floor coverings are ideal to build engagement and boost staff motivation at work.


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Want to know more?

Are there different types of Floor coverings?

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of temporary and permanent solutions, suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications. Talk to our helpful team who will advise depending on your requirements, from individual adhesive vinyl stickers through to complete floor coverings.

What is an R rating?

An R rating is the rating by which a floor covering is graded. The higher the R rating the more slip resistance the surface has. The classification schemes are outlined in DIN 51130 and DIN 51097. The R scale runs from R9 to R13, where R9 is slippery when wet, and R13 the least slippery. 

Can anyone install floor graphics?

It is possible for smaller graphics to be installed successfully by someone following instructions. Larger graphics are not so easy and we offer a fully-accredited installation service. Surface preparation is also critical to a successful installation and will greatly improve the lifespan of a self-adhesive product.

What are the typical turnaround times for Floor Graphics?

Both high and lower volumes of floor graphics can be turned around in a matter of a few days with our in-house industrial printing and finishing equipment. As it is a digital process, one-offs or high quantities are viable.

Can any floor graphic material be used externally?

External products are designed specifically for this application. Where surfaces are rough eg. asphalt, the vinyl coverings require heat and are rollered to embed the vinyl into the surface texture.

How long do floor graphics last?

Products have a warranty which is determined by time and footfall. A short-term product usually has a 3-month warranty with most longer-term warranties extending to 6 months, however at a higher price point some materials now exceed this. For extremely high-traffic environments, aluminium conformable foil products are now available. Often a product’s lifespan will far exceed its warranty period.

Are two piece solutions better than one?

Traditionally floor graphics have been printed to a base vinyl layer and laminated with a textured over-laminate that conforms to DIN standards. Developments have led to a wide range of single and two-piece solutions now available, which are designed for very specific situations. A two-piece solution can offer a high level of protection to the printed design and extend the lifespan of the product. However, some one-piece solutions available at a higher cost point have glass shards embedded into the material surface which allows them to attain higher slip ratings than that of standard textured over-laminates.

Will my floor graphics be maintained?

If floor graphics are required for extensive periods then replacement graphics may be required. Removal of self-adhesive products should be fairly simple as the base layer is often designed for residue free removal. If graphics are lifting/delaminating from the surface to which they are applied then it is necessary to remove them before they become hazardous and cause a trip or fall.

Who manages all this?

Our team will manage the whole process end-to-end from an initial site survey through to installation, ensuring every project is delivered seamlessly and cost effectively.

What happens next?

Get in touch today with our specialist team on 01604 774860. Your dedicated account manager will expertly guide you from initial contact to installation for complete peace of mind and seamless delivery of your project.

Do you supply all over the UK?

Yes we can supply and install throughout the whole of the UK.

Do you work with external agencies?

We have our own in-house studio, but our project managers often work directly and collaboratively with a client’s own design team or agency to ensure the project’s success.

Why choose Studio One?

We offer the experience, expertise and added reassurance through our fully accredited, seamless approach. We know the right questions to ask and go the extra mile to understand any specific characteristics or challenges in order to specify the best solution to achieve optimum results.

Compliance & certification

However complex the challenges,
we’re qualified to simplify them




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