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Carefully considered, uplifting wall graphics in healthcare environments help improve the wellbeing of patients and visitors, reducing stress and encouraging recovery.

National Health Service

Hospitals and healthcare buildings require clear wayfinding and information points, as well as environments created to help reduce stress and make patients and visitors feel more at ease.

Private Healthcare

Deliver a high quality, caring experience
to patients paying a premium for
excellent service within beautiful, serene surroundings.

Residential Care

It’s essential to create a welcoming and safe environment for the elderly or infirm, one where they feel at ease through the clever use of colours, nostalgic imagery or familiar scenic backdrops.

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Improved Wellbeing

Guests staying in healthcare or wellness environments are looking to improve their state of health or mind. The addition of soothing, bespoke graphics and welcoming, helpful signage are important factors in establishing a calming environment to aid wellbeing and recovery.

Destress the space

Hospitals and healthcare buildings can often be sterile and intimidating environments. Introducing a considered use of warm colours and calming imagery to these spaces is a cost-effective way to welcome and reassure patients, visitors and staff alike.

Information accuracy

Eliminate unnecessary stress and uncertainty for patients and guests who may already be feeling the strain and remove any potential confusion in navigating around unfamiliar buildings with information signposting to ensure a safe and angst-free visit.

Safety first

Safeguarding the health and safety of your staff, patients under your care and any other guests to the premises, is of paramount importance and should be clearly and consistently presented at all times and at every visitor touchpoint.

Comfort & Familiarity

Elderly residents and patients struggling
with health conditions, such as dementia,
are known to respond positively to familiar settings that ease distress. Creating surroundings that evoke happy memories, like beach scenes, helps to reconnect them with the real world around them.

Built for durability

Branding in fast moving, active spaces requires hard-wearing graphical solutions, built to withstand the continual daily heavy footfall of visitors without losing any visual quality or impact.

Sector key products

What’s the benefit of wellbeing branded spaces
in the healthcare sector?

The introduction of considered colour palettes and familiar place settings in health or residential care environments is a simple but powerful tool to easily evoke a sense of wellbeing and create a positive connection with what could otherwise be clinical surroundings.

branded spaces

What’s the benefit of wellbeing wall coverings
in the healthcare sector?

Adding wall art, feature walls or entire wall coverings to empty large wall surfaces in healthcare environments, transforms these uninspiring spaces instantly into reassuring, welcoming or inspirational canvasses that promote a sense of wellbeing.

branded spaces

What’s the benefit of wellbeing floor coverings
in the healthcare sector?

Striking floor graphics offer a highly visual way to aid navigation around unfamiliar healthcare facilities, both for in-patients and visitors. With so much information competing for attention, optimising large empty floor spaces is ideal to present safety information or even create brand engagement.

branded spaces

What’s the benefit of signage in the healthcare sector?

First impressions start before anyone enters the building. Wayfinding signage to locate you, building branding arriving at the entrance, and each and every safety or marketing sign should all consistently reflect your brand and optimise the positive experience of visiting or staying in your care.

branded spaces

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