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Public sector

Create engagement with the local community
and inspire future generations through the use
of branded, immersive public spaces.


Large outdoor public spaces, with a high volume of passing traffic, create an ideal setting for eye-catching branding and promotional messages.


Inspire the future generation, drive an uplift in creativity and positivity by engaging with them through high impact visual stimulation.

Urban Regeneration

Highly visual, publicly placed brand messaging creates a strong sense of buy
in from the local community and potential stakeholders for the improvements that are happening in the local area.

Sector challenges

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Build community engagement

The ultimate success of any urban regeneration or infrastructure project requires strong buy in and engagement from the local community right from the outset; informing everyone clearly what is taking place, overcoming any concerns about potential disruption and generating excitement about the future benefits.

Durability is key

Projects can be years in planning and development before they come to fruition. Public branding and promotional activity throughout all phases should remain fresh, exciting, tidy and relevant, withstanding the effects of adverse weather conditions and heavy footfall in the public realm.

Create an impact

In busy public spaces it can be challenging
to compete for the attention of passers-by amongst lots of other visual noise.
This requires extremely high impact, large-scale, striking promotional graphics and powerful brand messaging.

Celebrate stakeholder investment

Stakeholders and investors are the beating heart of public regeneration projects. Keeping them informed on significant project milestones and ensuring their confidence with the quality of site aesthetics and its safety measures is paramount.

Become a destination

The addition of striking branding graphics can help to increase brand presence and build a strong reputation, generating positive attention and awareness that extends far beyond the local community and regeneration project itself.

Create an environment to inform

Present key data, safety and directional information to passers-by in the surrounding area. Totally on brand, quick and easy to comprehend and navigate, to enhance the sense of engagement and buy-in from the general public.

Sector key products

What’s the benefit of branded public spaces in the public sector?

Before and during regeneration work in public spaces, branded installations and signage in the surrounding area engages and communicates with the local community, helping to inspire, build engagement and create strong local buy-in.

What’s the benefit of public hoardings in the public sector?

Safety hoarding fencing conceals unsightly construction work in public spaces. By adding high impact graphics, their sheer size and public placement make them an extremely cost effective blank canvas for large-scale brand engagement
and advertising.

What’s the benefit of public space wall coverings in the public sector?

There’s no limit to the creativity that can be injected into vast empty wall areas in public spaces, from well designed feature walls, to information providing infographics and timelines or impactful branding with entire wall coverings.

What’s the benefit of public space building wraps in the public sector?

Branded building wraps serve the purpose of concealing and protecting unsightly and potentially dangerous construction work in the public space. Printed graphics on the wraps can create stand out, or strategically mirror the facade and blend in with the local area.

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