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Production & Technology

Technology and innovation is woven into the
fabric of our operation. By inter-connecting our
four service pillars, we fill the spaces in between, ensuring superior quality and service levels by retaining total control over the process during
your project’s life-cycle.

Our real-world technology

EFI® precision systems

EFI Pace

EFI Pace®

EFI Pace is at the core of our operation. It is a Management Information System and Enterprise Resource Planning solution,
which enables our end-to-end automation. The system offers a modular architecture, which allows configuration to meet your
specific needs.

Both scalable and adaptable, Pace® ensures we can keep up
with your business changes, expansions and technology advances. The benefit to our customers is visibility of job progress, fast and accurate estimating, accurate data collection, traceability of events and robust security of the data kept within it.

EFI MarketDirect Storefront

EFI Market Direct Store Front®

Market Direct Store Front® functionality is at the start of our automated digital workflow. It streamlines the businesses’ offering, making our services more accessible. The system is an online-commerce order platform that is configurable to each customer’s requirements through collaboration, to ensure it delivers a true benefit to our customers.

Customer products can be static, template-driven, editable, restricted or designed from scratch using the systems intuitive tools. Stores can be used directly by our customers for their own requirements or branded to provide a B2B solution. The integration with Pace® means that the system is a true web-to-print solution mainly focused on wide-format printed products.

EFI Vultek


To complete the ecosystem, Studio One has invested in the EFI Vutek® printers. These have the capability to print on both roll and rigid substrates, printing with 8 colours—plus white ink—to output superior photorealistic quality and high productivity. The ink technology used is UV curable, meaning the inks will adhere to
almost any surface and are immediately dry upon touch.

We can print directly onto substrates of up to 50mm in thickness, avoiding the need to print to film, then apply these to a rigid substrate, eliminating manual intervention. Layered printing is also possible, which can be used to produce day-night graphics for illuminated signage or double-sided printing to transparent materials such as glass produced in a single pass. These machines are perfect for a wide variety of printed applications both within internal and external environments.

EFI Fiery

EFI Fiery Pro Server XF®

Fiery® is the driving force of our production facility, acting as a digital bridge to our automated manufacturing workflows. This interface enables precise control of jobs, colour management, image quality, variable data and output devices. Jobs are processed with exceptional RIP speed utilising native PDF workflows.

Our Fiery Pro Server® drives all of our printers and cutters and allows multiple users to access it remotely via Command Workstation which increases capacity and drives efficiencies. Each job becomes easier to set up, monitor and manage which shortens job preparation time, resulting in jobs arriving on-press faster. Realtime production communication is bidirectional meaning that data is being sent to and from Fiery®, returned from connected devices and back to Pace® constantly.

This information is then used to compare estimates vs actual, giving visibility to our estimators of real cost empowering them to adjust and tailor pricing to ensure that it is always competitive.

EFI Metrix

EFI Metrix®

EFI Metrix® is our solution to automated planning and imposition workflows. It is a job planning engine that transforms big data into actionable data, seamlessly exchanging with the MIS, prepress and finishing systems. Complex jobs with multiple parts can be sorted based on their specific requirements and the processes required to manufacture them. Imposition layouts are created which optimise material usage and embed all the print and finishing data within
the created layouts to allow for automated manufacture.

Our real-world technology

Automated print finishing


Esko XP44®

Our Kongsberg digital cutting table is designed especially for
handling the combination of corrugated board and other rigid materials used in packaging, POS products, product display and signage. These materials range from single flute corrugated and
foam to MDF, acrylic or aluminium composite.

Our digital finishing table is equipped with a range of tools to
make this versatility possible, including a High-Speed Milling Unit,
Rigid and Oscillating Knives, Kiss Cutting Knives, and Creasing Wheels. The cutting table’s versatility allows us to run jobs from a single prototype to full-scale production with up to 1000 units in a day. The XP’s production power and quick change of tools ensure a fast turnaround with precision.


HotPress Film Laminator/Encapsulator®

The machine is designed for laminating pressure or heat-sensitive materials. This thermal laminator has heated top and bottom
rollers that work with a heat-activated adhesive that gives a strong, permanent bond. This can be used for encapsulation, where the thermal film is applied to both sides of the target media at once.

It is a professional all-in-one laminator and mounting machine
with a capacity of up to 1600mm in width and 25mm thicknesses.
A maximum speed of 12 m/min for increased production capacity.
The rollers are pneumatic and can be set to an accurate gap thickness to ensure that the substrate to be laminated is not crushed in the process. A series of rollers and breaks ensure that roll media is tensioned correctly and the materials run straight when passing through the rollers. The output side of the machine also has an inbuilt cooling system to ensure that the material does not melt together when re-wound onto the reel take-up system.


Evolution Fully Automatic Eyeleter

The Evolution is a fully automatic pneumatic press suitable for setting 12mm plastic eyelets. It can work with PVC banners and semi-rigid materials such as corrugated plastic. It is fast and reliable and greatly speeds up the setting operation by feeding both the eyelet and the washer. A laser pointer is utilised to show exactly where the eyelet will be set to help the operator achieve accuracy.

The most obvious advantage of plastic eyelets is that being transparent makes them almost invisible, allowing the printed image underneath to be seen, however they can also be recycled without being removed from the material that they are set in.


Mimaki UCJV300/160

This integrated printer/cutter delivers new levels of creativity with versatile and vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black. The CJV300 achieves the highest print speeds in its class, with innovative technologies ensuring unrivalled output quality. We have the printer configured with x2 sets of CMYK print heads doubling the output speed of the machine, however, the printer can be configured with CMYK and metallic ink. Prints can be kiss cut without being unloaded or the prints can be removed, laminated, and then reloaded and accurately kiss cut thanks to the integrated registration system.

This printer is also connected to our Fiery Pro Server so that it can be sent Icut registration information to enable synchronisation with the Kongsberg for increased finishing capability. This functionality is essential for cutting out individual labels or finishing prints that have been applied to another material post-printing.

Matic logo

Matic Cronos Sewing System®

Our conveyor-belt-driven automated sewing machine is used for the production of silicone edge graphics (SEG), pole pockets, hems and hook and loop fastener. Utilising sewing guides, we consistently achieve high-quality flat seams, reduce production time and increase output. The conveyor belt is synchronised with the sewing speed to create straight accurate stitching and with the twin needle capacity,
a reinforced hem can be stitched at the same speed as a single hem.
A wide range of thread colours and thickness are available as well as clear nylon threads for long-lasting external applications.

Burkle Liquid Laminator

Bürkle LFC 2100 Liquid Laminator

Our Bürkle LFC 2100 is perfect for adding high volume gloss and matt laminate coatings onto 2.1m wide rigid materials up to 80mm thick with speeds of up to 25 metres per minute.

It is used to apply UV-based lacquers for the protection and enhancement of large format digital prints. Suitable for almost any substrate, it can also apply primers to hard to coat substrates, such as glass or melamine for a high scratch-resistant, protective anti-graffiti finish that doesn’t fail.


Our pre-production artists are the beating heart of our service. Their studious craft, depth of technical knowledge, accuracy and instinct are the core enablers for our real-world success.

Putting the forward into straightforward

Taking a great idea and formalising it into a tangibly experienced, physical space requires the skill and foresight of our talented pre-production artists. Their knowledge of both interior and exterior environments enables the most complex of concepts to be broken down into seemingly simple, workable elements. Part artworker, part engineer, part magician means total accuracy and reliability.

Investment in our service

The continued development in our capabilities is a duty of care to our clients. Our people, our processes, our technology and the knowledge we share means we simplify the most complex challenges.

Total 360° production

Our critical service pillars are designed to ease the burden of sourcing and managing multiple suppliers through your project life-cycle; utilising our end-to-end capabilities to ensure total brand control and continuity, project integrity and accountability; delivering at speed, on time, every time. We’re passionate about our output; through our clients and partnerships, we are able to help connect amazing ideas from canvas to consciousness.

Total 360° Production

How our connected end-to-end production capability benefits you

icon   Fast turnaround times

We don’t make the impossible possible, but our production teams work extremely hard getting as near as we can. The calibration between our connected technologies and production departments means we stand
a great chance of delivery against the tightest of deadlines.

icon   Large volume capacity

We operate a multi-functional operation involving both print and finishing production. If the brief requires such, we double up our scheduling capability too which ensures the deadlines expected are met, if exceeded with ample room for contingency.

icon   Cost efficiencies

We try to ensure our costs and estimates are as accurate as possible. We insist on asking the most pertinent questions at the enquiry stage to enable our estimating team to qualify your project as cost effectively as possible.

icon   Simplify complex challenges

Understanding the challenges of print for physical spaces is a joint effort: both human and machine. Our industry knowledge and technical proficiency is supported by the presence of an industry-first EFI-connected technology system for large format print applications.

icon   Superior quality

The service pillars we deploy ensure your dedicated account manager becomes the ambassador of your project, championing best practice throughout the process with regular health checks and quality control reporting with assigned production teams.

icon   Hassle-free service

Most importantly, our investment in people, process and technology means you’ll experience a service that is demonstrably easy, simple and seamless. Our aim is to guarantee success by being on-time, on-budget, every time.

Total 360º service

We’ll manage all the
moving parts so you
don’t have to

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