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A stylish space for Durkan

Branding synonymous with quality and care

Durkan Office Graphics

Employee wellbeing at heart

Award-winning boutique property developer Durkan Homes is recognised for offering premium quality and gold service excellence. To carry this across to the Durkan employer brand culture and how they care for their team’s wellbeing, we were asked to produce and install a stylish range of printed acrylic wall art and branded wallpaper, designed by creative agency Gardner Quainton.

Durkin office interior graphics

Durkan Office Acrylic Wall Art

Works of art

Durkan’s attention to detail and premium build quality shines through in this new acrylic printed wall art positioned around key office and rest areas. The art is set against a stylish backdrop of printed wallpaper featuring a repeat pattern of the Durkan brand chevron.

Durkan acrylic prints for office interior

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