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A giant marketing canvas to promote your brand

Hoarding’s primary function acts as a safety and privacy perimeter
to aesthetically conceal construction work and help guide pedestrians through predefined public safety routes. It also offers the most cost-effective, large-scale marketing canvas to sell your brand vision and amplify audience engagement with maximum impact.



Product overview

  • ACM hoarding
  • Timber hoarding
  • Adhesive vinyl hoarding
  • Mesh banners
  • Kentledge® systems
  • Timber post or rails systems
  • Hoarding Scapes™
  • Visibility panels
  • Landscape hoarding
  • Living hoarding
  • Illuminated hoarding
  • Foamex hoarding

Features & Benefits

A canvas engineered for impact

   Vast advertising area

Printed hoarding graphics lend themselves
to being an extremely cost-effective, large-scale indoor and outdoor advertising canvas to achieve maximum impact in the public eye, ideal for promotional and advertising messaging.

   Safety & security screening

Hoarding provides an essential barrier
to protect the safety of workers and
passers-by during construction and building refurbishment projects, sealing off the site for security and compliance purposes, as well as ensuring the area is concealed from sight.

   Enhanced site aesthetics

During refurbishment and construction projects, hoarding is often used to hide and protect unsightly building work. Through the straightforward addition of printed designs, graphics hoarding panels are immediately transformed to stand out or blend in
with the aesthetics of the local area.

   Designed to be versatile

The potential benefits of hoarding are vast, with its core function being to conceal and protect building projects. Adding carefully-considered designs and promotional messages will also create brand engagement and a sense of anticipation about what is happening behind the hoarding barrier.

   Built to be durable

Hoardings are built to safeguard building work and withstand all the elements.
They are hard-wearing, UV light and water resistant. In addition they can be protected with a selection of different finishing options to help prevent against vandalism and graffiti.

   Multiple applications

Hoarding solutions are suitable for a
wide range of applications, to seal off
and protect building areas, indoors and
out. Depending on the requirement
and placement, it’s possible to choose
from various different hoarding types, including timber and Kentledge® systems
or anti-climb mesh interlocking panels.

Hoarding key sectors

What’s the benefit of hoarding in the housing
and property sector?

Well-presented branded property development site hoarding creates a safe and secure site boundary and instantly conveys high-impact key messages to passers-by to inform, build brand recognition and create anticipation.

Visually appealing hoarding also plays a critical
role in the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s compliance and aesthetics requirements,
a benchmark of best practice in this sector.

Durkan property developer signage graphics at The Stile Bengeo

What’s the benefit of hoarding in the construction and commercial sector?

Custom-printed construction site hoarding offers the multi-functional role of both creating a sense of anticipation and brand awareness in the local area during development, as well as professionally concealing building work with a protective site security boundary to ensure the safety of everyone on site and all passers-by.

hoarding solutions

What’s the benefit of hoarding in the retail developments sector?

In addition to protecting the development area, hoarding graphics offer the opportunity to create
a stir, build brand excitement and increase anticipation about the changes coming soon
during retail new builds and refurbishments.

It can also maximise business as usual during a construction phase to improve the directional flow of customers and passers-by for their safety, effective sign-posting and promotional messaging.

Retail hoarding graphics

Hoarding materials

The best materials for your project

We carefully use an inventory of hoarding materials with finishing options to achieve optimum print results and durability.

view materials


Premium property hoarding

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Co-op refurbishment hoarding

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Best practice hoardings

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Want to know more?

Are there different types of hoarding?

Timber post and rail system
This is the most common system, where a timber post and rail fence is erected with a ply or sterling board panel pinned to the front of the structure. It is this surface that Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) printed panels can be secured to. This system is usually used for long term applications as it is secured below ground with concrete.  

Above ground kentledge® system
This is a floor-standing system that can be used both externally and internally, perfect for where the ground cannot be penetrated. A timber option can have ACM panels applied in exactly the same way as the post and rail system, whereas for the plastic panels, vinyl is usually applied. The vinyl is applied in drops like wallpaper, so the final design is seamless. The vinyl can also have the same protective films applied to the surface to protect against anti-social behaviour or to provide a high gloss or matt finish. There are no visible fixings present which means the design is uninterrupted.

Anti-climb mesh interlocking panels
This is commonly used to secure a site in the early stages such as groundworks. The panels are floor standing with very low wind-loading characteristics to not overload. So as not to overload the panels when adding printed decoration, a mesh product is commonly used. This also allows air to pass through, preventing the panel from acting like a sail and toppling. The mesh banners adhere to the fence with tie wraps or bungee ties so that they can be easily and quickly removed when required. Designs can run over several panels seamlessly or banners can be made to fit individual fence panels. The mesh is PVC based and the print resistant to moisture meaning that these banners can be hosed off if required, which is often the case during groundworks when sites are dry and dust becomes an issue. 

How much does Hoarding cost?

Hoarding is the most cost-effective way to bring a brand message to life on a large-scale public platform! The cost of hoarding projects will vary depending on the materials and finishing options required. If you’d like to discuss your project, please get in touch on 01604 774 860 and our experienced team can advise on the most effective solution for your requirements.

What are the Hoarding finishing options?

Once your hoarding wall is printed, we offer a range of finishes including high gloss, matt or anti-graffiti films to preserve and protect your message for as long as possible. Anti-graffiti is offered as a standard finish. There are also a number of more specialist options to add a creative or immersive element to an otherwise one-dimensional hoarding; including; illumination, cut-to-shape panels, visibility port holes, routed textured designs, face-fixed built up lettering and logo embellishment as well as mirror and metallic finish perimeter capping strips.

Will I need a Hoarding survey?

A survey is critical to the success of a project and complete customer satisfaction. Before any design, production or installation takes place, our experienced and qualified surveyors will:     

— Visit the site at the appropriate stage for your specific project
— Precisely measure all required dimensions to enable a millimetre perfect fit
— Conduct a thorough hazard assessment and identify any issues to overcome
— Consider and document suitable materials, fixings and installation solutions
— Identify provisions for logistics management, including loading, unloading and storage

What are the typical turnaround times for Hoarding?

The length of time from initial brief to installation varies depending on the scale of the project and if there are restrictions in place affecting installation times. Our full-service in-house production capability ensures turnaround times from initial artwork to print are kept to a minimum, so projects can be turned around very quickly.

Will my Hoarding be installed?

Yes, our installation team is fully trained to the highest standard with all the necessary accreditations to be on-site including CSCS, IPAF, PASMA, as well as membership of The Safe Contractor Scheme.

Are safety clearances required for Hoarding?

To ensure compliance, risk assessments and method statements are prepared by our team prior to the install to aid the safety of the installers, other site workers and the general public.

Will my Hoarding be maintained?

We can provide aftercare services to ensure your hoardings are kept clean, safe and presentable. Aftercare packages include regular site visits to check and report damage, cleaning services to uphold visibility and brand integrity, addressing situations where adverse weather conditions or vandalism has left the signage in a vulnerable state. Our removal service also ensures the environmental disposal and repurposing of material used.

Who manages all this?

Our team will manage the whole process end-to-end from an initial site survey through to installation, ensuring every project is delivered seamlessly and cost effectively.

What happens next?

Get in touch today with our specialist team on 01604 774860. Your dedicated account manager will expertly guide you from initial contact to installation for complete peace of mind and seamless delivery of your project.

Do you supply all over the UK?

Yes we can supply and install throughout the whole of the UK.

Do you work with external agencies?

We have our own in-house studio, but our project managers often work directly and collaboratively with a client’s own design team or agency to ensure the project’s success.

Why choose Studio One?

We offer the experience, expertise and added reassurance through our fully-accredited, seamless approach. We know the right questions to ask and go the extra mile to understand any specific characteristics or challenges in order to specify the best solution to achieve optimum results.

Compliance & certification

However complex the challenges,
we’re qualified to simplify them




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