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What to consider before ordering hoarding graphics

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Laminated premium branded hoarding graphics

Success is the result of good planning

An accurate site survey ensures your printed graphics are seamless across the entire hoarding surface, establishing any requirement for specific placement of text and imagery to not hinder the design or customer vision of your brand and messaging. A survey will also identify specific sizes and locations of elements such as pedestrian and main access gates, fixed street furniture and signage that could have a negative impact on visibility.

The importance of pre-press in delivering service excellence

Bridging the gap between creative ideas and large physical spaces

The importance of pre-press is under-appreciated. This process can make or break a project and requires sufficient time to consider all the implications to ensure an output of high quality printed files with a thorough understanding of the manufacturing and installation processes.

Burkle LFC2100 UV liquid laminator

Accuracy builds credibility

Direct to board print is a must for accurate alignment and consistent colour. Premium hoarding grade ACM, and our sustainable alternatives such as polypropylene, have accurate tolerances on size ensuring this correct alignment. High-quality film or liquid lamination prolongs the life of hoarding graphics by creating a transparent coating over the print to protect against weather conditions and anti-social behaviour. For volume orders, a liquid lamination solution is more cost effective and gives a UV curable finish that creates a varnish effect on the sheet surface. This provides a uniform high-quality surface finish that eliminates the issues that some film laminates have, such as water ingress on exposed edges or de-lamination of the film around fixings that are screwed through the face. Its level of resistance to graffiti is also far greater and any damage much easier to remove.

Co-op refurbishment hoarding

Launch control

The installation team has a responsibility to make sure all panels are well-aligned and the structure underneath is suitable for securing graphics. A well-planned installation, fully considered by an experienced pre-press artworker at the start of the project and properly briefed into the install team, reduces any unforeseen and costly issues. Allocating sufficient time also ensures the installation is conducted safely and in accordance with the method statement. It’s imperative that the installation team conduct an on-site risk assessment in case the situation has altered since the initial site survey and to make reference to any risks that may have appeared in the meantime.

Premium hoarding graphics for Damien Hirst Soho HQ

Improving the image of construction

The alignment of fixings is something that requires the installer to have pride in their work. Using colour-coded fixings blends them into the design. We use a mixture of polytop screws from a standard colour range or powder-coated screws when an accurate colour match to the background design is required. Adding colour-coded skirting frames the messaging and helps to achieve a seamless flow in the graphics by removing any staggered panel alignment due to rises and falls from an uneven ground.

Compliant and safe

Having the right accreditations to install is a must. To work compliantly within site boundaries, it is commonplace for the CSCS accreditation to be mandatory.  To fit hoardings at height using a scaffold tower PASMA accreditation is required, or using power access platforms it is IPAF. Get in touch with our team to discuss your next project. Best practice hoarding plays a significant part in the aesthetics, safety and respect for the community set out by The Considerate Constructors Scheme.


Kier branded site hoarding

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