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Premium hoarding graphics to promote stylish property brands

Seamless aesthetics with gloss finish, colour-matched capping and skirting

Laminated premium branded hoarding graphics

It’s in the detail

Our attention to detail and level of expertise is critical to the success in promoting a boutique housing development. Starting from an initial site survey visit, we thoroughly understand and plan for all intricacies to avoid unnecessary pitfalls during the project and at the final installation by our own team.

Premium Hoarding Graphics

Superior finish with extra durability

Once printed, the hoarding graphics move on to our Bürkle LFC2100 where they are liquid laminated for premium gloss aesthetics and a durable protective anti-graffiti finish. The liquid laminate is a far superior finish in comparison to film laminate eliminating all likelihood of water ingress issues. On a construction site this means the hoarding can be regularly hosed clean to maintain a tidy appearance.

Burkle lamination of hoarding

Seamless colour-matched trimmings

The final stage, before leaving production to be installed by our team on site, is to digitally cut pantone colour-matched caps and skirts on the Kongsberg.

For more information about property hoarding graphics and to discuss your next project, please contact us on +44 (0) 1604 774 860 or email us at



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