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Building Wraps

building wraps

Built for scale

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Building Wraps

Reshaping the entire visual landscapes

Building wraps shield unsightly construction and renovation work,
improving aesthetics and minimising any impact on the surrounding area. When branded, they instantly transform into large-scale promotional canvasses, unmissable to all passers-by.

Scaffolding wraps

Giant PVC or mesh banners attached to areas of scaffolding are perfect to obscure unsightly building work and protect passers-by from danger. When full colour printed they maintain the aesthetic appearance befitting of the local area.

Building mesh banners

The vast area of a building wrap lends itself perfectly to becoming an extremely cost effective, high-impact advertising canvas, catching the eye of all pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Equally, they can be printed to blend into an existing facade during building work.

Building wraps

Product overview

  • PVC wraps
  • Kee Klamp® frame system
  • Building banners
  • Mesh wraps
  • Scaffolding mesh banners
  • Vinyl building wrap system

Features & Benefits

A canvas engineered to be vast

   Vast advertising canvas

Prominent building facades, by the very nature of their size and placement in
the public eye, are easily and instantly transformed into a giant visual advertising canvas simply by adding custom-printed graphics.

   Concealment screening

When building work taking place in a public area is unsightly, unsafe or of a confidential nature, covering the building front with a giant scaffolding wrap conceals and
keeps it safe for workers and passers-by.
An added benefit is printing the wrap with graphics to blend into the surroundings
and retain the aesthetics of the local area.

   Protective partitioning

During building or refurbishment there is often the requirement for business as usual with customers or visitors still coming to the site. Building wraps secure construction work and protect the general public from potential danger.

   Wind resistant

Wherever large outdoor spaces are covered with a scaffolding building wrap in exposed positions there needs to be consideration
for extreme weather conditions, particularly wind factor. Perforated mesh banners reduce wind load to ensure the wrapped area remains upright and prevents damage and injury in public spaces.

   Premium finishes

Building wraps can be elevated in style
for high-end branding or experiential promotions. By adding creative designs
and a premium finish they lift the aesthetic appearance of a building, venue or public area, ideal for promotional campaigns,
brand launches or red carpet events.

   High impact

Vibrant, full colour printed building wraps create instant stand out and a high-impact appearance, ensuring all brand messaging and promotional campaigns are completely unmissable from afar in just a few seconds.

Building wraps key sectors

What’s the benefit of building wraps in the hospitality and leisure sector?

When printed, giant building wraps have endless potential in their visual design. Or they can replicate the appearance of an original building to blend into the facade, often used by hotels or buildings of interest during refurbishment projects, to maintain the attractiveness of the local area.

Giant printed building wraps

What’s the benefit of building wraps in the construction and commercial sector?

Building wraps during construction projects are
used to successfully camouflage and safely conceal building work and, when full colour printed, their potential for stand out and brand engagement
with passers-by is limitless.

What’s the benefit of building wraps in the
retail developments sector?

Adding a branded building wrap during retail refurbishments not only improves the site
aesthetics by safely hiding unsightly facades and construction work, it also becomes an extremely powerful and cost-effective form of large-scale outdoor advertising, instantly attracting the attention of passers-by to build anticipation
and brand engagement.

Scaffolding building wraps


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Want to know more?

What are the benefits of building wraps?

The primary benefits of building wraps are to shield renovation works from public view, improve the aesthetics of the site and minimise any impact of the works on the surrounding area by providing a physical barrier between the site and the public. Alternatively, a building can be covered with building wraps for high impact marketing or brand engagement activity to mark an event or special occasion.

What are the types of building wraps?

There are three main types of build wrap; direct to scaffold, extended offset frame (Kee Klamp®) and wire frame. 

Why are there three types of system?

A direct-to-scaffold system is an entry-level solution. It is tensioned directly to an existing scaffold structure, this may over time become less taut due to movements in the structure and can be damaged by the friction between the scaffold structure and the printed wrap. An extended offset system is an extended frame mounted to a scaffold that provides a perfect canvas to tension the wrap to, ideal for longer-term applications and where a prestigious finish is desired. It is possible to tension the wrap like a drum skin making the wrap appear to be rigid. A wire frame system is used where there is is no scaffold in place. Brackets are fitted directly to the buildings facade and a tensioned wire is looped through to create the outer canvas. The wrap is then attached by bungees at regular intervals through reinforced eyelets around the perimeter of the banner, ideal for where the wrap is not a standard rectangular shape or where there is a requirement for the printed content to be updated. The system allows for quick and easy access to remove and reinstate sections.

What is the wrap made from?

The wrap is constructed of either PVC banner material or PVC mesh. Both materials are suitable due to their durability and strength.

Why are there two materials to choose from?

PVC mesh is lighter and allows air to pass through the structure which reduces wind loading. A PVC banner will be more vibrant and totally opaque, whereas mesh will be less vibrant and slightly transparent with some visibility through the material.

Is there a maximum size?

There is no size limitation for a building wrap. All wraps that exceed an area of 5m in width are manufactured in sections and then welded together using specialist print finishing equipment. The seams are visible but not detrimental to the finish.

Are there any safety considerations?

A building wrap will increase wind loading on a scaffold or building structure. it is a requirement that structural calculations are completed at an early stage to ensure that the scaffold or building is suitable to accept the wrap. The wind loading calculations are taken care of as part of the managed service for this product.

How are the wraps installed?

Each wrap is different and will have a detailed installation plan created prior to the installation taking place. This is a very specialist task and requires experienced and accredited installers to complete the task. Often the wraps will be laid on the floor and raised into position with a series of winches before the IRATA-accredited installers abseil down and fix the wrap securely to the structure.

What are the typical turnaround times for building wraps?

The complexity of the project and the location of the building can influence the timescales of the delivery of a building wrap. The typical turnaround time for a building wrap, which does not present any complexity and omits any planning consent requirements, would be circa three weeks. This timeframe includes a detailed survey, wind loading calculations, production and installation.

Will my building wrap be installed?

A building wrap will always require a specialist team to install. On occasions the install is possible without the need to abseil or use access equipment, however most situations will involve IRATA or IPAF-qualified installers to complete the task.

Are safety clearances required for building wraps?

The location for many building wraps are in major cities in busy environments. It is therefore necessary to create a safe working environment underneath the working area. This can include closing footpaths and roads where necessary. Our project management teams will coordinate this with The Highways Agency and be in contact with local councils to ensure that all the approvals are gained before the works are undertaken. It goes without saying that a considerable amount of work is completed to ensure that extensive assessment for risks and method statements are completed to ensure that a project goes without incident.

Will my building wrap be maintained?

There is usually no reason for a building wrap, if installed correctly, to require any maintenance. However, if a wire system was selected due to a requirement to change sections of the wrap to reveal updated information, then this is a situation where we would attend to update sections of the wrap. If a wrap was damaged for any reason, then it would be our priority to ensure that the wrap was made secure and safe.  

Who manages all this?

Our team will manage the whole process end-to-end from an initial site survey through to installation, ensuring every project is delivered seamlessly and cost effectively.

What happens next?

Get in touch today with our specialist team on 01604 774860. Your dedicated account manager will expertly guide you from initial contact to installation for complete peace of mind and seamless delivery of your project.

Do you supply all over the UK?

Yes we can supply and install throughout the whole of the UK.

Do you work with external agencies?

We have our own in-house studio, but our project managers often work directly and collaboratively with a client’s own design team or agency to ensure the project’s success.

Why choose Studio One?

We offer the experience, expertise and added reassurance through our fully accredited, seamless approach. We know the right questions to ask and go the extra mile to understand any specific characteristics or challenges in order to specify the best solution to achieve optimum results.

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