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Understanding Digital – Part 2 of 2: Digital Culture

Posted 27 August 2015

We recently posted Part 1 of our Understanding Digital series that explained how Studio One approaches clients who require the creation of parts of a digital strategy as part of a wider project. We would now like to draw attention to the detailed information of various aspects of this process, why we do them and our opinion on the forthcoming year.

Thinking outside the box

The days when a business was considered a leader in it’s field for having a digital strategy that utilises all digital aspects from mobile to e-commerce, social media and everything in-between are a thing of the past! In fact we would argue now that in the digital age we live in, a business couldn’t survive without these essential digital assets. However, the true innovators of digital have a lot more to their strategies.

At Studio One we research and understand what makes a particular business a leader with their digital strategy and what’s stopping others from achieving the same level. In this article we highlight what we believe is the core, but also the biggest challenge to any business who wants their digital strategy to transform their business… and that’s creating a digital culture.

Digital culture

To get to the core of being digital, you need to go deeper to consider not only the technological skills and combined knowledge of your staff and digital services, but also how they think, act and play their role within your business. The thoughts and actions of digital channels need to be communicated properly to your customers digitally. If you fail at encouraging the right culture and attracting the most ‘appropriate’ followers you will struggle to keep up with those businesses who are at the top.

Below are some top-tips and industry guidelines to start creating your digital culture for the next year:

1. Digital marketing spend is to increase budgets by 2016

Every business knows they need to market but the trick is knowing how to split a marketing budget between traditional and online marketing then allocating the online portion among various channels. The best strategy is to try something, track results, then tweak your strategy to maximise return. Mobile marketing is the fastest growing digital marketing channel, making it essential in 2016.

2. Content creation claims large share of the digital marketing budget

Managing social networks, blogs, videos and creating content that’s interesting and effective is going to be big for 2016. The pressure to fuel the right marketing channels is also increasing, as customers use more digital channels for collaboration and research. To stay competitive, focus on online content development. If you are a large business, try creating a dynamic team of talented people to build appropriate content that inspires customers and reaches out to the right people.

3. Top performing companies are using marketing and social media automation

Automation allows companies to keep consistent contact through personalised content and meet the needs of customers in a global market. It also allows businesses to centralise email marketing, web analytics, landing page creation, list management and multi-channel campaign execution while creating a deeper alignment between marketing and sales while also finding a way to measure the performance of each one accurately.

4. Online display advertising (primarily Google Adwords) will capture the next biggest share

Digital marketing is very flexible. Companies can increase the scale of a successful online campaign, tweak a failed campaign or copy a successful digital marketing strategy from another product or service. With the ability to track success within hours companies with the infrastructure to be agile can quickly turn around changes or update strategies faster than ever before. Keeping ahead of the game!

5. Organic searches still have an important part to play

Organic search is the most significant and maybe one of the most important forms of web traffic because it means people are finding you with their own search criteria – this measures your SEO score. However, it takes a lot of seeds like social media shares, blog posts, engaging cross-platform content and consistent fresh content to get people there in the first place. When all the seeds work together, it can have a big impact. The digital marketing data you collect from all the channels is extremely valuable in determining the next steps in your digital strategy. Keeping on top of it is key.

If you need expert help with your digital strategy or SEO requirement, Studio One can help. Feel free to get in touch today.

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